A unique moment to capture in a cozy studio with the result pretty pictures. Nice photo in Oss specializes in portrait photography and studio photography. Located in the former St. Paul's Church in the Old Litherweg 2 in Oss, you can contact us for studio and portrait photography, fashion shoots and model photography, we work together with modeling Cachet Eindhoven. Model and model portfolios are also options that can be booked by appointment. At Nice photo everyone is welcome in Oss, the smallest among us. New Born pregnancy and photography are available by appointment and can be made on a location chosen by you.

Do you want to work in the studio? Nice pic rents the studio in the Photo Workshop-0412 in Oss likes to creative talents! Well Beautiful photo in Oss offers several workshops including studio and portrait photography and basic courses camera control, lightroom and photoshop for beginners. For more information, view examples and current at this site.

About us

"Rob not only captures the beauty from outside but also from within the character," I hear regularly. A nice compliment because that's exactly what I try to capture. On a beautiful picture radiate not only from outside but also from inside. I'm Rob, portrait photographer in Nice photo in Oss. Started as a hobby photographer I'm now become professional in the field of portrait and studio photography. In the studio in the beautifully situated Paul Church in Oss I make a unique moment of every photo shoot. Whether your nephew is making rabbit ears behind your grandmother, a bride who leaves a tear at the altar or two brothers who are each other's friends for years. I try every moment of joy, love and friendship for you to capture in a photograph. I am with you to translate your expectations into a beautiful picture.

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